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January 30, 1997
Contact: Jeff Weathersby (360) 902-2256

Salmon River anglers must stay off tribal land

OLYMPIA -- Anglers fishing for steelhead in the Olympic Peninsula's Salmon River must take care this year that they do not trespass on the Quinault Reservation.

The meandering Salmon River flows across state, tribal and federal land.

In past years the tribe has issued permits to non-Indian anglers to fish on the reservation. The permits are not being issued this year.

When the tribal permits were being issued, some non-Indian anglers became accustomed to fishing near the Q-1000 road bridge, which is on reservation land.

Non-Indian anglers this year must stay at least 50 yards downstream of the bridge. The reservation boundary is marked at that point by small white signs on tree trunks.

Non-Indian anglers may fish on state and federal lands. Anglers should check the Fishing in Washington regulation pamphlet for details.