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July 12, 1999
Contact: Gordon LaVoy, 509-754-4624

Public meeting July 15 in Moses Lake to discuss wildlife area waterfowl hunting rules

EPHRATA -- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has scheduled a public meeting Thursday, July 15, 6:30 p.m., at the Moses Lake Lake Fire Hall, 701 E. 3rd Ave., to discuss waterfowl hunting rules on Potholes Reservoir and other popular wildlife areas.

Since last waterfowl hunting season, WDFW northcentral regional staff have received many letters and calls complaining about increased competition for hunting spots, use of blinds and decoys, and other problems. At the meeting, WDFW staff will discuss and take input on options for addressing those problems, including:

  • Restricting camping in the Sand Dunes

  • Requiring that unattended personal property, like blinds and decoys, be removed daily from Potholes Wildlife Area

  • Initiating a blind use system by permit

  • Proposing Commission action to require daily retrieval of decoys, even if they are "attended" by overnight camping hunters

  • Proposing Commission action to prohibit commercial waterfowl guiding on Potholes Wildlife Area