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July 31, 1998
Contact: Margaret Ainscough, (360) 902-2408

Dove hunters need migratory bird stamp; new survey required of all migratory bird hunters

OLYMPIA -- Washington dove hunters preparing for the season opener on Sept. 1 now must purchase a $6 state migratory bird stamp (formerly known as the waterfowl or duck stamp), in addition to their state hunting license.

The new requirement, for hunters 16 years or age or older, also extends to coot and snipe hunting which opens with duck season later this fall. Funds from stamp sales to dove hunters will be dedicated to state habitat enhancement projects for mourning doves and band-tailed pigeons.

All hunters of migratory birds, including ducks, geese, doves, coots and snipe, also are now required to complete a federal Harvest Information Program (HIP) survey when they purchase their state migratory bird stamps.

The new HIP survey consists of questions about past hunting effort and success. Information from the survey will be used for better federal wildlife management. Prior federal surveys included only a small number of federal duck stamp buyers and did not include millions of hunters nation-wide who hunt other game birds. Also, individual state surveys varied in method and timing and results could not be compiled nationally. Hunters age 16 and older can fill out their HIP survey forms when they purchase their state migratory bird stamps at license dealers.

Hunters under age 16 must contact a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife office to fill out their HIP forms and get their free bird stamps. WDFW regional offices are located in Mill Creek, Montesano, Vancouver, Yakima, Ephrata and Spokane.

Waterfowl (duck and goose) hunters are reminded that a $15 federal migratory waterfowl stamp also is required and can be purchased at post offices and national wildlife refuges.