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June 04, 2002
Contact: Doug Williams: (360) 902-2256

WDFW launches web-based public events calendar

OLYMPIA - Visitors to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) website can now find a full slate of public meetings, fish and wildlife festivals and other natural resources-related events throughout the state on one page.

"The online Public Involvement Calendar, on the Internet, is intended to give web-viewers a brief but thorough glance at Department-related meetings and events," said WDFW Director Jeff Koenings.

"We have created this calendar with the hope that it will encourage more people to attend as many meetings and special events as they can," Koenings said. "Our purpose here is to manage the public's fish and wildlife resources in an open and transparent manner. The more public input we receive on our management practices, the better our resource stewardship will be."

Koenings said the Public Involvement Calendar is a direct result of last fall's Director's Roundtable process, a series of seven meetings in which Koenings and other top WDFW staff met with a wide range of public constituents throughout the state to talk about ways the department could better serve the public.

"The feedback we received as a result of the Director's Roundtable meetings was that people wanted a convenient place to learn about upcoming public participation events, such as Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings, advisory committee meetings, hunting and fishing clinics and outdoor festivals," Koenings said.

WDFW has moved on several other recommendations that came about from the Director's Roundtable meetings, including developing a license vendor advisory group, initial development of electronic mailing lists, and bolstering the department's outdoor partnerships and outreach efforts through the "Go Play Outside" initiative.

In addition, WDFW's six regional directors this year will hold their own regional roundtables with constituents to focus on specific resource issues. The idea was another positive outcome of the Director's Roundtable meetings, Koenings said.