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May 01, 1998
Contact: Jeff Weathersby, (360) 902-2256

Chinook fishing on part of the Chehalis opens today

OLYMPIA -- The Chehalis River from the mouth to Porter opens for chinook salmon fishing today (May 1), the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced.

The 1998 Fishing in Washington regulation pamphlet incorrectly says that the above referenced portion of the Chehalis opens May 16.

The section of the Chehalis from Porter upstream to the high bridge on the Weyerhaeuser 1000 line does open May 16, as stated in the pamphlet.

The staggered openings are designed to protect wild winter steelhead that spawn through mid-May in the upper Chehalis.

In recent emergency regulations, WDFW also:

  • Closed the Queets River system (including the Clearwater River) for spring chinook fishing because the salmon run is below spawning goals
  • Opened immediately the Quillayute and Sol Duc rivers for spring chinook. The Dickey, Calawah and Bogachiel open July 1
  • Will open the Hoh River to chinook salmon fishing on May 16. The river will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for salmon fishing. Only one adult salmon is permitted daily