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October 05, 2000
Contact: Chuck Baranski (360) 902-2719

WDFW plants 15,000 trout in 5 year-round fishing lakes

SHELTON – If you thought that trout fishing was slowing down for the year on area lakes, think again.

Four lakes in Mason County and one in Jefferson County are being planted with thousands of rainbow trout – each measuring about 11 inches in length – as part of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's "fall catchable" program.

Approximately 15,000 rainbows from the WDFW Eells Springs trout hatchery are being planted this week in the five lakes, all of which are open to fishing year ‘round.

"This program is designed to provide good fishing opportunities throughout the year," said Dan Collins, WDFW area fish biologist. "We've been doing this for about 10 years now and it really gives these lakes a boost."

The last of the 15,000 fish will be released today, Collins said. The five lakes planted this week are listed below along with the approximate number of fish each is scheduled to receive from the hatchery.

Mason CountyNahwatzel Lake5,000
Spencer Lake5,000
Island Lake1,500
Trail's End Lake1,500
Jefferson CountyLeland Lake1,000