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October 21, 1997
Contact: Jeff Weathersby, (360) 902-2256

Pierce, Thurston and Mason lakes offer big trout

OLYMPIA -- Several Pierce, Thurston and Mason county lakes have just received thousands of rainbow trout, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced.

The trout plants include large broodstock fish weighing up to 6 pounds as well as pan-sized fish in the 8-inch range. The trout plants will conclude Oct. 24. The plants are designed to provide trout fishing this fall, winter and spring.

Some of the lakes are open for fishing all year, others close Oct. 31.

Here's a lake-by-lake breakdown of the plants:

  • Pierce County (open all year): American (200 broodstock, 20,000 catchables); Clear (5,000 catchables); Harts (4,000 catchables); Ohop (200 broodstock, 11,000 catchables); Spanaway (300 broodstock, 6,000 catchables); Kapowsin (10,000 catchables) and Tanwax (4,000 catchables)
  • Thurston County (open all year): Black (200 broodstock plus 8,000 catchables); Lawrence (100 broodstock, 10,000 catchables); Offutt (200 broodstock plus 8,000 catchables); St. Clair (200 broodstock, 6,000 catchables) and Long's Pond (100 broodstock plus 1,000 catchables)
  • Thurston County (closing Oct. 31): Deep (6,000 catchables); Hicks (3,000 catchables); McIntosh (4,000 catchables); Pattison (6,000 catchables); Summit (12,000 catchables) and Ward (3,000 catchables)
  • Mason County (open all year): Isabella (3,000 catchables); Island (4,000 catchables); Nahwatzel (5,000 catchables) and Spencer (2,000 catchables)
  • Mason County (closing Oct. 31): Benson (1,000 catchables)