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A Toxics-Focused Biological Observing System for Puget Sound

Category: Habitat - Marine

Date Published: January 2010

Number of Pages: 41

Publication Number: 10-10-004

Author(s): Lyndal Johnson, Sandie O'Neill, Mark S. Myers, Gina Ylitalo, Nathaniel Scholz, Tracy Collier, NOAA Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center; Claudio Bravo, University of California at Davis; James West, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Toxics-Focused Biological Observing System (TBiOS) is a biologically based framework for toxics monitoring and research that assesses exposure and effects of chemical contaminants in biota, integrated across ecologically relevant habitats and food webs. This concept paper provides a general description of TBiOS, its relationship to current and future monitoring in Puget Sound, and its relevance to the management and assessment questions raised by the Puget Sound Partnership and related organizations.

Suggested Citation:
Johnson, L., C. Bravo, S. O’Neill, J. West, M. S. Myers, G. Ylitalo, N. Scholz, and T. Collier 2010. A Toxics-Focused Biological Observing System for Puget Sound (Developed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries for the Puget Sound Partnership). Washington Department of Ecology Publication #10-10-04. 30pp.