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Archived Publications
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Supporting Literature for Policy Making

HB1112 - Concerning standards for the use of science to support public policy.

The following WDFW publications and associated supporting literature have been determined to fall under the requirements of HB1112 – approved by the Washington State Legislature in April 2013. The law requires the department to identify sources of information reviewed and relied upon in the course of preparing to take significant action, as defined under RCW 34.05.328.

Aquatic Invasive Species

    Management Plans


      Fish/Shellfish Research and Management

        Fish/Shellfish Research

        Management and Conservation


          Fish Passage Technical Assistance


          Habitat Conservation Plans

          Instream Flow

          Land Use Planning





            Game Harvest, Status and Trends

            Licensing and Permits

              Hydraulic Project Approval

              Priority Habitats and Species

                Management Recommendations

                Threatened and Endangered Species

                  Recovery Plans

                  Status Reports

                  Wildlife Research and Management

                    Game Management and Conservation


                    Non-Game Management and Conservation

                    Wildlife Research