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Summary of Results of Bass and Walleye Fishing Contests Held in Washington 2004

Category: Fishing / Shellfishing - Fishing Contests

Date Published: June 2005

Number of Pages: 38

Publication Number: FPA 05-10

Author(s): Bruce M. Baker


A total of 163 bass fishing contests sponsored by 43 bass clubs or other organizations were held in 2004. The bass contests were held on 43 different bodies of water and the majority of the contests were held on the Columbia River system. A total of 18,807 bass were caught (largemouth and smallmouth bass). The average weight per bass was 1.94 pounds. The largest largemouth bass caught was 7.52 pounds and the largest smallmouth bass caught was 6.43 pounds. The overall catch rate was 0.23 fish per hour and 97.9% of the bass caught were reported released alive. The total value of prizes awarded was estimated at $315,552.

A total of seven walleye fishing contests were held in 2004 and were sponsored by seven walleye clubs or other organizations. The contests were held on five different bodies of water. A total of 3,107 walleye were caught. The average weight per walleye was 2.23 pounds. The largest walleye caught was 13.12 pounds. The overall catch rate was 0.15 fish per hour. Excluding a non catch and released tournament from percent walleye released alive computations, 98.0% of the walleye caught were reported to be released alive. The total value of prizes awarded was estimated at $182,184.