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Photo of cow Moose and calf walking along a roadside.

Moose Observation Survey

The Moose Observation Survey is designed to collect long-term data on the population status and trends of moose in Washington, particularly the northeastern portion of the state, north of Spokane. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has been monitoring moose annually using helicopter surveys, and is currently in the process of developing an approximate population estimate for the north-eastern portion of the state. However, ongoing population monitoring is expensive and limited by weather conditions and other logistic challenges. Thus, having a broad geographic coverage of moose observations, collected in a standardized and repeated way by the public, can be very helpful as we track long-term changes. WDFW has adapted the system begun in Alberta, Canada, (originally initiated in 2012 by Dr. Mark Boyce, and coordinated at the Department of Biological Sciences University of Alberta), and the first season of operation will be autumn/winter 2015. 

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