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Photo of cow Moose standing in vegetation looking towards the camera.

Moose Observation Survey

September 1 through November 30 is when WDFW is most interested in moose reports. This time period provides the best information to better understand moose status, productivity, population trends, and the effects of hunting, predation, disease or tick outbreaks. WDFW biologists and scientists need moose information from natural habitats, specific counties and this timeframe; this focus is better for scientific studies that will help our biologists make conservation and management decisions. Specific locations from this form are not displayed publicly, but are considered and evaluated in our Moose Progress Report.

Observations from other times of year are helpful but not as closely tied to significant moose life history, like calving, sex ratios, and disease.

Please note: This does not take the place of regulation-required Hunter Reports after hunting season