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Found Injured Wildlife?

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Found Injured Wildlife?

Contact a local
Wildlife Rehabilitator

For more information contact a WDFW Regional Office


Reporting Mountain Goat Encounters

WDFW and the US Forest Service are interested in better understanding the dynamics of mountain goat / human interactions, particularly on popular trails and camping areas. You can help us better serve you, the public, and conserve mountain goats, by providing us this information. Please use a separate form for each encounter you had with mountain goats that you would consider to be a separate one (e.g., in a different place and time, with what may or may not have been different animals).

To learn more about Mountain Goats, see WDFW's Living With Wildlife Mountain Goat Fact Sheet.

If your observation was within one of the National Parks in Washington (Olympia National Park, North Cascades National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park) and you wish to report a mountain goat encounter, please check with the NPS office or website at the park you visited. Do not report your National Park mountain goat encounter here. For mountain goat encounters in Olympic National Park, please obtain an NPS incident form at

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Did the mountain goat(s) obtain any salt from the following sources?

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Did the mountain goat(s) obtain any edible food?   Yes    No    Don't Know

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Were you concerned for your own safety because of the interaction?   Yes No

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