For more information on wildlife viewing, please contact WDFW Wildlife Program.

Phone: 360-902-2515

Found Injured Wildlife?

Contact a local
Wildlife Rehabilitator

For more information contact a WDFW Regional Office


General Wildlife Observations (Public)

Using this web map, interested parties can submit wildlife point observations to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Currently the application focuses on Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and State Monitored species. A list of priority species and observations is available here.

By using this web application to submit wildlife observations to WDFW, you agree to share your email with WDFW staff who may contact you regarding your observation.  Rare observations without contact details can be difficult to verify.  Your email address may also be visible to other users of this application.  If you are not comfortable sharing your email, please submit your wildlife observations to


Report Observations