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Five-Step Process to Create
a Community Nature Tourism Site

Getting Started

In the pages ahead, we will lead you through a five-step process to develop nature tourism in your community or at your site. We have tried to make the process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, but please remember that you are taking on a commitment to a long and difficult process, for which there are few shortcuts. The process we outline in the upcoming pages is expected to take you, at minimum, a year to complete.

We stress that if you are committed to going forward, you must also be committed to doing so carefully and sustainably.

Whether you are assessing a single site or a community-wide series of sites, the steps are the same:

Developing nature tourism in your community is a lot like building a house. You need raw materials, the right tools, and a plan. The links below will serve as your “toolbox” as you build your community’s nature tourism industry. We assume that you will read through all the steps before starting on any of them, so you have a clear idea where you’re going and what resources we will provide you.

The first step is to Step 1: Assess your Raw Materials.

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