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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I zoom to a GMU, Deer Area, or Elk Area?

There are ‘Select Area’ tools that allow you pick a particular GMU or Deer Area or Elk Area that you would like the map frame to automatically zoom to. In the example below, the user has selected GMU127 Mica Peak from the series of GMU pull-down menus. GMU’s are listed in numerical order within each WDFW region.

The GoHunt application redraws the view with the map frame zoomed to and centered on GMU 127 Mica Peak and highlights the selection. To remove the highlighted shading, click on the eraser icon located under ‘Mapping Tools’ or click on ‘Clear Selection’ located under the main ‘Tools’ pull-down menu.

You can zoom to a user-specified Deer Area or Elk Area in the same way as outlined above for GMU’s. The example below, illustrates the use of the ‘Deer Area’ selection tool for zooming to the 3072 Patterson Deer Area. The pull-down, pick list for Deer Areas and Elk Areas are organized in numerical order.

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