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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoHunt?

GoHunt is an interactive mapping application that allows any user with an internet connection and a web browser to view and query a diverse set of data that pertain to wildlife recreational opportunities in Washington State. The data sources used in this application include:

  • Game management unit boundaries
  • Elk units
  • Deer units
  • Wildlife areas
  • Public land ownership
  • Water access sites
  • Harvest statistics
  • Road networks
  • Satellite imagery
  • and much more…

The user can interactively create and print customized views of data layers. In addition, there are several customizable and powerful data exploration and search tools available.

GoHunt has been tested with Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 6.0/Mozilla 1.0 and newer releases of these browsers. Other modern browsers may work but have not been thoroughly tested. This site displays best with screen resolutions of 1024 x768. This application makes extensive use of pop-up windows for displaying maps and information. Browser and 3rd party pop-up blocker settings may need adjustment for proper viewing of this site.

Internet Explorer 7 or recent releases of other browsers may not allow GoHunt to display map coordinates in the Status Bar. To do so, a browser option setting must be modified. See GoHunt’s FAQ for instructions on changing your Status Bar.

WARNING: This application is graphics intensive and contains extensive javascript. On slower dial-up internet connections, the initial screen may take several minutes to load.

This application accesses an electronic copy of the Department's pamphlet, BIG GAME HUNTING SEASONS AND RULES.