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How do I print a map?

There are several ways to print a map in GoHunt.


Pre-generated maps in Adobe PDF format are available for Game Management Units, Deer Areas, Elk Areas, and Wildlife Areas. Accessing these maps requires that you have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The PDFs can be accessed from the GoHunt startup page (https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/gohunt/gohuntJSP/startup.jsp) under the area labeled “Download a MapFile in PDF format”.

For Step 1, you select an area type that you are interested in from the pull down menu by ‘clicking’ on your choice.

For example you might select ‘Game Management Unit’. The application will then present another list from which you can select the specific area of interest, for example ‘101 Sherman’ continuing with the Game Management Unit example.

The next step is to click on ‘Go!'

If you accept the terms of the disclaimer, you will see a screen that describes the PDFs that can be downloaded. If you click ‘Open PDF’ on this screen, the map will open using Acobe Acrobat Reader. From this point, you can print the map or save it to your own computer for later reference.

The physical size of the PDF is displayed in the lower left of the window. The GMU and Wildlife Area Maps are quite large, take a significant amount of time to download on slower internet connections, and cannot be printed very well on small home/office type printers. The black and white GMU maps can be copied to CD and taken to a commercial copy center, such as Kinko’s, for printing at a modest fee. In contrast the Deer and Elk Area Maps are fairly small and download relatively quickly. They can be printed on most home/office type color printers.


You can print a map directly from GoHunt using the ‘Print Map’ tool which is located on the Tools Menu.

When you select the tool, you will have the option of printing the map with the following options:

Preserve Extent
This option, prints a map that includes the geographic extent shown on the screen. To do this, GoHunt may have to reduce the scale of the output map in order to fit everything on the page.

Preserve Scale
This option prints a map that is fairly close to the same map scale as the screen. This option may result in some features along the edge of the map on the screen to be eliminated on the output map.

The next choice is to indicate the paper size for the output map.

Once the paper size is indicated, GoHunt will produce a preview of the output map similar to the following:

On this window, click on the ‘Print’ button to begin the process of sending the map to your printer. Be sure the paper size and orientation is set correctly for your printer using the print control screen that appears next. The paper size should match the option you picked previously when requesting the map from GoHunt and the page orientation should be set to ‘landscape’.
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