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What is a “View”?

On the GoHunt start-up page, the user selects a view (theme) from a pick-list located under “Start GoHunt with a View and an Area”. A “View” represents a pre-defined set of layers that are automatically displayed in the map frame, when the user selects a particular theme (subject) and area of interest.

The user selects a view from one of the five themes listed in the pull-down menu (Deer/Elk, Upland Game, Waterfowl, Other Hunting, or Wildlife Area). In the example below, the user has selected ‘Wildlife Area’.

The user selects the type of location they would like to map. In the example below the user selects “County”.


The user selects “Douglas” County from the scrollable pick-list.


When the user clicks on the button, the GoHunt application is then launched and returns a map “View” based on the users choices in Step 1 (Wildlife Area View), Step 2 (Location by County), and Step 3 (Douglas County), as outlined above. The map layers that are automatically displayed in the map frame are listed in the Legend below.

Within the GoHunt mapping application, there is also a pull-down ‘View’ menu that allows the user to select predefined views by the same theme or subject categories that are available from the GoHunt start-up page: Deer/Elk, Wildlife Areas, Upland Game, Waterfowl, and Other Hunting. When the user selects the ‘Deer/Elk’ view, the map layers listed in the legend below are automatically displayed in the map frame.

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