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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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What can I use the GoHunt application for?

GoHunt is very useful for data discovery
GoHunt is an interactive mapping application that allows any user with an Internet connection and a web browser to view and query a diverse set of data that pertain to wildlife recreational opportunities in Washington State. The user can select data categories available for display from the ‘Map Layers’ list located on the left side of the screen. Customized views of numerous data sets can be interactively created and printed, using the navigation and search tools available in the mapping application. The user can also access and explore additional information and data associated with many of the map layers (data themes) available. Some of the data sources used in this application include: game management unit boundaries, elk units, deer units, wildlife areas, public land ownership, water access sites, big game harvest statistics, road networks, satellite imagery, topographic maps, place names, and much more…

GoHunt has standardized ‘pre-canned’ maps available for download and printing

Static, large-format maps are available to the user to download and print. The user does not have to launch the GoHunt Internet Mapping application in order to get access to these pre-defined maps. These maps are available for download from the main GoHunt web page. Available maps include: deer area maps, elk area maps, game management unit maps, and some wildlife area maps. These maps are in PDF format. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing/printing PDF files.

GoHunt has some unprecedented capabilities that we hope you will find useful
The GoHunt mapping application has powerful data navigation, selection, and query tools. You can highlight your specific geographic area of interest within data themes. For example, the user can navigate by selecting a GMU name/number or wildlife area name or place name or latitude/longitude coordinate or water access site name or county name or many other options. The application also allows the user to submit customized queries for big game harvest statistics by both reporting unit (GMU, statewide, etc.) and by harvest statistics (points harvested, days hunted per hunter, etc.). Many of the data themes within the application also contain links to other useful sources of information, such as: legal descriptions in game regulations pamphlets, links to recreational opportunities on WDFW Wildlife Areas, links to facilities available at WDFW managed water access sites, and much more… The GoHunt interface provides numerous data viewing and printing customization tools. Once the desired combination of map layers are displayed for your particular area of the state, you can print your own custom map.

GoHunt provides a feedback mechanism
This is our first release of the GoHunt application. It was designed as a customer-service delivery mechanism for accessing information and maps on hunting and other wildlife recreation activities in the state. We are very interested in getting your feedback on the features and functionality of this tool. Please send your comments and suggestions to gohunt@dfw.wa.gov

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