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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I zoom to a location based on latitude/longitude coordinates from my GPS unit?

Click on the ‘Locators’ button located on the ‘Select Area’ toolbar. A menu of locator tools will display in another pop-up window. Select ‘Latitude-Longitude Locator’ from the pop-up menu and another window will open, which displays the current Latitude and Longitude coordinate location of the cursor. TIP: The current Lat/Long pair displayed is the center point of your current map view.

Enter in the ‘New Longitude’ and ‘New Latitude’ coordinates that are displayed on your GPS unit into the blank fields in the pop-up menu and then press the ‘Apply’ button. TIP: You must specify a negative (-) value for your ‘New Longitude’ coordinate (see below). Most recreational GPS units support the display of Latitude and Longitude coordinates in ‘Degrees, Decimal Minutes’, as the default format. The input format can be changed to decimal degrees by using the Lat/Long Coordinate Toggle in the Tool Menu dropdown list.

After you click on the ‘Apply’ button, the application converts the lat/long to Washington State Plane South, NAD83 projection and automatically centers the map view on the new Latitude and Longitude that you entered, placing a large ‘red dot’ on the actual coordinate position.

Select the ‘Clear Selection’ from the ‘Tools’ menu or click the ‘Eraser’ icon on the ‘Mapping Tools’ toolbar to clear the Latitude/Longitude marker.

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