GoHunt What's New

Revision 1.1

  • Improvements to Water Access Site information.
    • New Water Access Site Locator under the Select Area/Locator sub-menu.
    • Water Access sites layer has a dropdown list with a breakout of ADA facilities.
    • Water Access sites symbolized as motorized or non-motorized.
    • Water Access site photographs available from the locator or the identify tool.
  • Latitude/longitude location displayed on the browser status bar.
  • PDF tutorial on how to use GoHunt, found under the Help dropdown menu.
  • Pop-up block checking on opening of the application. Since the agency’s web mapping applications make extensive use of child windows, users are notified if their pop-up blocking is blocking the site.
  • Structured code to allow GoHunt and SalmonScape to be opened simultaneously on the user’s computer. Users are able to toggle back and forth between applications without windowing conflicts.
  • All “child” windows are dismissed when the mapping window is closed. Windows from “identifies” or queries are no longer orphaned when the application closes.