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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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What are some tips for browsing Salmonscape?

Zoom in to a scale large enough where you can selectone of the many images from the Background Images drop down box on the layer list.

Shaded Relief and Landsat True Color are visible at startup. USGS Topos and Orthophotos become visible as you zoom into larger scales. The current scale for the display area is shown in the lower left margin of the browser window.

To quickly zoom to a different scale, use the zoom toolbar on the right margin of the browser window. See the FAQ, ‘How Does the Zoom Toolbar Work?'

Activate the display of several layers you are interested in seeing by checking the appropriate ‘boxes’ to the left of the layer names in the layer list.

Keep in mind that some of the layers cannot be displayed simultaneously because of display conflicts. For example, you cannot display ‘Stock Status’ and ‘Stream Attributes’ at the same time because the line symbology along the stream network would become a visual mess and meaningless.

Click on the ‘Redraw Map’ button in the lower left of the display to display the background image and the selected layers.

You can reposition the display by selecting the ‘Pan’ tool from the Tools menu or the Hand button under 'Mapping Tools'.

See ‘Tools Help’ under the main 'Help' section for more information on how panning works.

Once the tool is selected, you can repeat the panning operation to browse a local area without having to reselect the Pan tool. If you want to jump to another part of the state, click on the approximate location on the overview map.

The display area will be repositioned and the Pan tool will still be active allowing you to browse the local area.

When using SalmonScape, some things to keep in mind include:

  1. Do not use the browser’s ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons.
  2. Be patient. The software used to run the application only processes one request at a time. If the ‘Retrieving Map’ icon is visible, wait until it is gone and the display of the image is complete before making another request.
  3. In some cases, the application may ‘hang’ and fail to return an image within 30 seconds or so. If this happens, you can click on the browsers ‘Stop’ button and then click on the ‘Go’ button to restart SalmonScape.
  4. Anything that resizes the browser window will cause SalmonScape to reset the display to the statewide view.
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