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Why do I have to ‘Zoom In’ to see more data?

The display of many of the map layers in SalmonScape are scale dependent. For example, the Hydro layer which was developed from large scale (lots of detail) maps and orthophotos would paint the state almost blue if viewed statewide and would be pretty meaningless. Also, the volume of data that ArcIMS would have to process to service your request would be very large and would slow down the display. To avoid these problems, you cannot see ‘Hydro (1:24,000)’ in the layers list until you zoom into a display area at a scale of 1:310,000 or larger of a WRIA . You can determine what your ‘reference scale’ is by referencing the information along the bottom left margin of the display.

In some cases, display of certain layers may be turned off if you zoom in to a very small area. For example, shaded relief and orthophotos may not be available if the display scale would ‘pixilate’ the image (i.e. the image becomes very grainy or boxy).

See the FAQ ‘How do I Zoom into a WRIA’ and ‘How does the Zoom Toolbar work?’ to learn several methods for zooming.

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