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What is a ‘Status Summary by Species’ query?

This query provides a brief report on the numbers and percentages of stocks of a chosen species in a specified geographic rated as Healthy, Depressed, Critical, Extinct, Unknown or Not Rated in SaSI. It gives the user the option to produce comparable sets of numbers for a baseline group of species in the same geographic area.

Select ‘Status Summary By Species’ from the drop down menu under ‘SaSI Queries’.

You will see the SaSI Query Builder (By Species) screen. To use this query, first choose a Geographic Extent—County, WRIA or ESU/RU. In this example, ‘County’ has been selected.

Next, choose an Area. In this example, Clallam County has been selected.

Next, select a Baseline, if one is desired. There are two baselines, one for all salmon and steelhead stocks in SaSI and one for all salmonid stocks in SaSI. The baselines provide the numbers and percentages of salmon and steelhead stocks or all salmonid stocks of each SaSI status in the geographic extent and area that you selected in the previous step. If you do not wish to see a baseline, select ‘None’. The query can be run for a single species without a baseline. In this example, the ‘All Salmon and Steelhead’ baseline has been selected.

Finally, select the Species of interest (Chinook in this example) and click on ‘Submit Query’.

The response will be two tables, one for all salmon and steelhead in Clallam County (the baseline) and one for chinook in Clallam County. The tables contain the date or date range when the most recent status rating was made and the numbers and percentages of stocks of each SaSI status.

The report provides information about the status of a particular species based on the most current assessment and allows comparison with the overall status of salmon and steelhead within the same geographic area.

For more background information about SaSi you can visit this link:

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