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How do I get stock reports for Thurston County?

Select 'Stocks by Area (SaSI)' from the drop down menu under 'SASI Queries'.

Check the radio button for ‘County’ and select 'Thurston' from the Geographic Extent drop down box.

A list of stocks tracked through the SASI database will be returned.

You can select the type of information you want to retrieve for a specific stock; a summary stock report, a spawning map, or a full stock report by clicking on the appropriate link. In this example, we are retrieving the summary stock report for Nisqually Winter Chum.

Other information about the stock can be retrieved by clicking on the ‘Spawning Map’ or ‘Full Stock Report’ buttons. Close the window by clicking on the ‘Close Window’ button or the windows [x] in the upper right corner of the window.

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