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What is a ‘Stocks by Status and Species’ query?

This query provides a list of stocks of selected species, by SaSI status, in selected areas and provides links to stock reports and spawning maps for the stocks.

Select ‘Stocks by Status and Species’ from the drop down menu under 'SaSI Queries'.

You will see a Query Builder screen. Select a Geographic Extent (Region, County or WRIA), an Area within the extent, a Species and Run Timing, and a Status ratings. To see all stocks, regardless of status, drag your mouse to select all SaSI or ESA statuses.

In this example, summer steelhead stocks of all statuses spawning in the Lower Columbia region have been chosen. Click on the ‘Submit Query’ button.

The query will return a list of Lower Columbia summer steelhead stocks with active links to summary stock reports, spawning maps, or longer stock reports. Click on the link(s) of interest.

For more background information about SaSi you can visit this link:

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