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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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What can I use SalmonScape for?

SalmonScape is very useful for data discovery.
You can browse any part of the state "from a height" or close-in, selecting data categories to display from a list on the left side of the screen. SalmonScape is built to visually indicate to you what data we have readily available in electronic format for which streams or terrestrial areas. This provides you with a tremendous amount of information about what we do have in our datasets very quickly.

SalmonScape lets you view specific data in context with related data types.
You can use SalmonScape to view salmon stock status along with land ownership, political boundaries, road networks, migration barriers. Seeing information in useful context may help you add new perspectives to your approach to salmon and salmon recovery.

SalmonScape has some unprecedented capabilities that we hope you find useful.
We have included the most current anadromous fish distribution data statewide, even while we work to assimilate datasets that are still “out there”. We have incorporated the 2002 SaSI stock definitions and assignments, linked to that fish distribution. We have built a powerful and easy-to-use SaSI stock report query capability. We have linked juvenile fish trap sites to professional quality reports that include pictures and descriptions of the gear used as well as time series charting of fish monitoring data. We have provided color-coded displays of EDT priority reaches and SSHIAP habitat data that help bring these “ordinary” numbers to life.

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