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 General Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I zoom to a named stream?

From the Select Area Menu, select 'Locators', then select the ‘Stream Name Locator Tool’.

This will open a form which will allow you to type in part or all of the stream name you are interested in.

When you have entered the stream name, click on the ‘Search’ button. SalmonScape will automatically search for any stream names that contain the case insensitive character string that you entered and present them in a list. Here’s what is returned when you type in ‘elk’.

When entering the stream name you may want to consider typing in a simple string and selecting the stream name from the list rather than trying to enter a complete stream name. For example, entering ‘snoqualmie’ is probably better than trying ‘north fork Snoqualmie river’.

You can scroll through the list to select the name of the stream you are interested in. The application is designed to present names in blocks of 25. Use the ‘Current List Range’ pulldown menu to select the next block of 25 names that matched the search string. From the list, you can double click on the name of the specific stream to which you want to zoom.

SalmonScape will resize and reposition the map frame over the mouth of the selected stream and highlight the stream mouth with a red star and the stream in purple. You can dismiss the highlights by selecting the ‘Clear Selection’ tool on the Tools Menu or the 'eraser' button from themapping tools.

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