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How do I zoom into a WRIA?

There are two ways to zoom into a WRIA.



You can select the WRIA you want to zoom into by picking it off of the ‘Select Area’ menu. Move the cursor to ‘Select Area’ on the upper left menu bar. This will activate a drop down menu. Move the cursor over ‘WRIA’ which will activate another pulldown menu of regions of the state. Move the cursor over the region containing the WRIA you are interested in. This will activate another pulldown menu containing a list of WRIAs in the region. Select the WRIA of interest by ‘clicking’ on it. The application will zoom to that WRIA.

It is important that when activating the pulldown menus, you do not ‘click’ on the menu until you are ready to select a specific WRIA number.

Note that you can use a variation of this technique to zoom into a county or to a full state view.


Make the WRIA layer visible by ‘clicking’ in the ‘DISPLAY’ check box to the left of ‘WRIAs’ on the layer list.

Click on the ‘Redraw Map’ button at the top of the layer list to display the WRIA boundaries and numbers in the map frame.


Select ‘Zoom In’ from the Tools pulldown menu or Mapping Tools buttons. Note that ‘Zoom In’ is displayed as the Active Tool along the bottom margin of the window.

Draw a box around the desired WRIA in the mapframe by clicking at one corner of the box then, while holding the mouse button down, move the cursor to the opposite corner of the box and release the mouse button.

SalmonScape will automatically redraw the map frame around the box you defined with the mouse.

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