SalmonScape What's New

Revision 4.0

  • General “look and feel” enhancements to give all major agency web-mapping applications a consistent interface for ease of use.
  • Added toolbar buttons for frequently used tools from the menu dropdown list. Now users can quickly change zoomin/zoomout, pan, identify, etc. modes by clicking on a button rather than searching the tool’s dropdown list for the desired function.
  • Added flashing “News” link to alert users to changes in the application, data updates or application availability. This new feature is news item, time/date activated. Once the news item has expired, it will no longer flash, once all news items expire, the news link will no longer be visible.
  • Added additional background images for better referencing: True Color Landsat and USGS topos at the 1:250 thousand, 1:100,000 and 1:24,000 scales.
  • Added improved road data.
  • Added additional “Locators” under it’s own sub-menu: Place Name Locator, Latitude-Longitude Locator, LLID Locator and Stock Name Locator. The Place Name Locator repositions the map window to a selected Place Name found on the USGS 1:24,00 map scale series. The Latitude-Longitude Locator repositions the map window to a latitude/longitude coordinate supplied by the user. The LLID repositions the map window based upon a user supplied LLID. The SaSI Stock Name Locator repositions the map window to the beginning of the selected stock run.
  • Added a simplified “Stocks by Area” query to the SaSI Queries menu dropdown list. This query replaces part of the former County and WRIA identifies. Users can now get a listing of SaSI stocks by County or WRIA independent of having to select a species of interest.
  • Made the layer names in the Table of Contents (TOC) links to their respective description pages. Layer descriptions are just a click away.
  • Made the “Redraw Map” button flash to remind the user to update the map when changes to the TOC have been made.
  • Added system response checking, browser compatibility checking and pop-up blocking checking to the opening of the application. Users will be warned of potential slow response times if the applications servers are temporarily overwhelmed. Since the agency’s web-mapping applications make extensive use of child windows, users are notified if their pop-up blocking is blocking the site.
  • Increased compatibility with most modern browsers. Many unsupported browsers are able to run the application with minimal loss of functionality.
  • Accommodated major data redesigns for Barriers and the SaSI GIS layers.
  • Rewrote download functionality to support data structure changes and allow the user to select specific layers for download. Users no longer have to download all data layers.
  • Structured code to allow SalmonScape and GoHunt to be opened simultaneously on the user’s computer. Users are able to toggle back and forth between applications without windowing conflicts.
  • All ‘child’ windows are dismissed when the mapping window is closed. Windows from “identifies” or queries are no longer orphaned when the applications closes.
  • Eliminated links to EDT ‘circle reports’ which were never fully implemented. When performing am “identify” on an EDT layer, a ‘circle report’ link was returned. This link has now been dropped.