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Photo of the Puget Sound with Mt. Rainier in the background.
Washington's Wild Future:
Spring 2016 Progress Report

Public Workshops
Six workshops were held across the state in August to give the public the opportunity to review and comment on the draft proposals described on this website. Meeting notes from these workshops are available on this website.

Washington’s Wild Future
A Partnership for Fish and Wildlife

We need your perspectives and ideas on our revenue priorities

In 2015, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife began to reach out to people across the state to gather perspectives on the priorities that should drive WDFW forward over the next several years.

We titled this initiative "Washington's Wild Future: A Partnership for Fish and Wildlife."  The effort reflects our commitment to work with people throughout the state to address the most important challenges affecting fish and wildlife conservation.

During the initial phase of this effort, we conducted seven regional public "listening forums," received thousands of emails, reviewed social media posts and online comments, and met with advisory committees, legislators, and other groups. 

Since then, we developed proposed strategies and policy ideas based on that input.

Now we'd like to hear from you again. Below are comment tools and four fact sheets that outline our proposals for the upcoming 2017-19 Washington state budget cycle.    

These initial revenue proposals are designed to help solidify the health and strength of the agency as an initial step toward tackling major management challenges and grasping new opportunities over the next several years.

As we have in the past, we are seeking comments on what you like about each of these proposals and how they can be improved.   We encourage you to comment on any, or all, of the following 2017-19 policy and budget proposals.

Thank you for your commitment, time, and support.

Jim Unsworth, WDFW director