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About WildWatchcams
When we set up cameras to capture actual real-time images, we get whatever it is that nature hands out. It is a risk we take. Many times, it is a positive experience for everyone, as we watch young animals grow and mature. At other times, it is not so pleasant. But if we want to show our majestic wildlife to the world, it is important that we understand they also face risks from many directions.

When we established the WildWatchcam program, we anticipated that at some time the view might be unpleasant for some. We consulted with many biologists, and their advice was “once the birds start nesting, the risks to the chicks are far greater if a human intervenes that if we don’t.” So that is our operating philosophy. Once the birds begin the nesting process, we are done until all young have fledged and the adults move on. We don’t adjust cameras that get knocked out of alignment; we don’t clean cameras that get splattered by rain or feces; and we don’t interfere with what nature dishes out. But we do get to learn about the life and death struggles that occur out our windows.

Type of camera equipment used by WildWatchcams.

What are the WildWatchcams?
Newly available and affordable technologies in surveillance equipment and web-based information sharing have created an exciting opportunity. We combined these two technologies to create a new wildlife research tool -- one that we want to share that with you. We call these WildWatchcams.

We use high-quality miniature security cameras to observe wildlife from a safe, non-intrusive distance; and broadband Internet transmissions to bring live views of wildlife to our biologists' desks and to your home.

The WildWatchcam projects are partially funded through the sales of the personalized and the specialty bald eagle license plates and private donations. Contributions of equipment, installation and technical assistance from Timothy K. Brown, B.E. Meyers have helped launch many of the WildWatchcams.

Thermosight and Olympia Systems have provided additional support and technical assistance.

Exciting new links and video clips are being created to allow you behind the scenes to meet some of the people who make these cams possible.

This year many of our cameras are being used by biologists to study wildlife. We will bring you special interviews and behind the scene visits to see how the cameras are setup and used for the various species.