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Type of camera equipment used by WildWatchcams.

About WildWatch Cams
When we set up cameras to capture actual real-time images, we get a unique view of authentic, real nature.  Many times, it is a positive experience as we watch animals find mates, build nests, lay eggs, hatch or bear babies, feed their growing young and eventually, if we’re lucky, see the moment those young find their own path in life.  At other times, it can be hard to watch because wildlife face many challenges. When we established the WildWatch camera program, we anticipated that the view might be fascinating, inspiring and even unpleasant. We consulted with many biologists and wildlife experts – that advice informs our operating philosophy.  We hope for the best possible outcome and we do not disturb the animals during very sensitive times. We don't adjust cameras that get knocked out of alignment; clean cameras that get splattered by rain or feces; or interfere with the natural course of things.  In this way, we all learn about the true nature of the world around us. We invite you to enjoy our other WildWatch camera scenes. We hope it inspires you to grab your binoculars and step out outside - see what discoveries await you!

What are the WildWatchcams?
Affordable technology has created an opportunity for WDFW to be able to share wildlife viewing opportunities with you as the WildWatch camera projects.  We use small security cameras to observe wildlife from a safe, non-intrusive distance and broadband data services to bring live views of wildlife to our biologists' desks and to you.  

The WildWatch camera projects are wholly funded through the sales of Washington’s specialty bald eagle background license plates, which support Watchable Wildlife activities, and private donations.