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Funny photo of bald eagle's wet head. Talk about a "bad hair" day!
Live EagleCam
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EagleCam Pre-recorded Videos
Want to Learn More?
Eagles:Lions of the Sky
An interactive adventure
Bald Eagle Disturbance Sensitivity Chart
Comparative nesting population growth chart
Washington nesting population growth chart

Photo demonstrating the damage done to the wiring and cables to the EagleCam.
Damage to EagleCam's wiring and cables. Click on photo for enlargement.


Eaglecam Streaming Videos

To view the streaming videos. You will need to download and install the FREE RealOne player.

In case you missed this past nesting season here are a few video clips that capture eagle activities of nest building, parent feeding and caring for young eaglets and young fledgling preparing to leave the nest.


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