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Seal photos and video footage were taken by Dyanna Lambourn, WDFW biologist

Cascadia Research Collective

Special thanks to Dept. of Social and Health Services
Photo of Great blue heron in the water with a frog in its beak.
Live SealCam
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Pre-Recorded Video
Harbor seal mother giving birth to a pup and their first swim
Harbor seal mother protecting her newborn pup from Bald Eagles
Harbor seal mom and pup interactions
Tips for viewing harbor seals
Other wildlife sightings at harbor seal rookery
Gertrude Island: Harbor Seals, a Raccoon and a Coyote
Sharing the Shore with Harbor Seal Pups in Washington State
Interview with Dyanna Lambourn, WDFW Biologist
Want to Learn More?
Western Washington SealCam Blog
General Natural History of the Harbor Seal
Seal Research and Studies
Sharing the Shore with Harbor Seal Pups in Washington State WDFW & NOAA
The Life of a Harbor Seal Pup: From Birth to Weaning Photographic Story
Life and Death on Seal Haul Out Photographic Series
Reports and Abstracts
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) in Southern Puget Sound, Washington
Temporal trends in contaminants In Puget Sound harbor seal


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