Enhancing the Fish, Shellfish, and Wildlife-Related Recreational Opportunities for a Person with a Disability

In order to increase access to the outdoors for our disabled hunters and fishers, Fish and Wildlife has introduced HB 2649. This bill requires WDFW to review our disability policies, adopt new rules to facilitate participation in fish, shellfish, and wildlife-related recreational activities for those with disabilities, and align our disability policies with other state agencies and the federal ADA policies.

Increasing Participation in Recreational Fishing and Hunting

The agency's intent in bringing forward this bill is to get more people outside, especially youth and families, to enjoy hunting and fishing. In order to achieve that objective, the bill raises the age at which one qualifies for youth discounts up to 16, it allows temporary fishing licenses for popular fishing locations, allows the agency to bundle promotional packages and offer discounts, and creates a discount for new hunters upon completion of their hunter education training course.

WDFW's Legislative Mandate

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife operates as the state's principal agency for species protection and conservation, under a mandate defined in Title 77 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). That legislative mandate directs the department to preserve, protect, perpetuate and manage fish and wildlife and to provide fishing and hunting opportunities. Department activities also are subject to provisions of Title 220 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).