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South Basin Waterfowl Surveys

From late October through January each year, aerial surveys of waterfowl throughout the Columbia Basin are periodically made by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. These survey flights are always dependent on weather, both in terms of how often they are conducted and what can be seen. Watch this page for updated information about numbers of geese, ducks and other birds in various spots throughout the South Basin. Keep in mind that bird numbers relayed in these updates are not necessarily a complete picture, particularly geese that may not be counted when they remain foraging in agricultural areas during survey flights.

Waterfowl viewers can use this information, in conjunction with the Wildlife Viewing Guide, to determine where to watch birds.

Waterfowl hunters should check the current Migratory Waterfowl hunting regulations pamphlet for all details and secure permission before entering private property.

South Columbia Basin Waterfowl Survey results: