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Southwest Washington Wildlife Reports Archives
November 2006

November 20, 2006

Erosion control plantings helped reduce the loss of the remaining elk forage production sites.
Erosion control plantings helped reduce the loss of the remaining elk forage production sites.


Mt. St. Helens:
Over the past five years Wildlife Area Manager Calkins and numerous volunteers have spent countless hours installing erosion control plantings on the edge of the mudflow on the Mt. St. Helens Wildlife Area in an effort to reduce erosion of the remaining best elk winter forage producing sites. During the recent heavy rains almost all of these plantings were lost but probably helped in reducing the amount of ground that was lost.


Unusual Duck Harvested: A duck hunter sent us this photo wondering if it was a cross. The bird may well be a cross (possibly with a domestic variety) but could also be the result of unusal genetics.

Mallard duck with unusual coloring
Mallard duck with unusual coloring and markings.

Elk Season: Heavy rains made it difficult for hunters to establish camps and access traditional areas at the beginning of the season. In the Columbia Gorge units elk were dispersed due to high snow levels in the Cascades. Extremely high harvest last season reduced the number of elk available in 574 and 578. In the Trout Lake area the majority of elk reported taken were from unit 560, Lewis River. Late muzzleloader season elk is predicted to be slow in the Gorge units due to lower population levels from last years harvest.

SW Washington Canada Goose Season Area 2a: Canada goose season opened November 11th in Area 2A. Opening weekend saw average success among those choosing to participate in the hunt. Four check stations where hunters are required to bring their geese for species identification are operated on each hunt day. The stations report a total of 86 hunters having harvested a total of 161 geese during opening weekend (November 11 and 12).

Hunting continues each Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday through November 26th. The season then closes briefly, opening again on December 6th and running on the 3-days per week schedule until January 28th 2007. Those interested in participating in the Area 2A goose hunt are encouraged to review the special requirements that are detailed in the Waterfowl Hunting Pamphlet. The special seasons in 2A are designed to protect populations of the dusky Canada goose.