Coastal Crab and Puget Sound Shellfish Updates

Rule-making status: Pending

Rule Making Reference# P2023-10
The proposed changes to regulations include both non-administrative and administrative amendments.

Each of the WACs that have proposed amendments as part of this rulemaking package are listed below:

Installation and Use of Electronic Monitoring (WAC 220-340-420)
Coastal Commercial Crab Logbook – Not Required with Operational EM (WAC 220-340-460)
Line Marking in Coastal Dungeness Crab Fishery (WAC 220-340-430)
Prohibit Line Marks or Colors Required in Another Fishery (WAC 220-330-020; 220-340-430; 220-340-510; 220-340-520; 220-360-220)
Crab and Shrimp Buoys (WAC 220-330-020)
Limit Line in Shellfish and Hagfish Fisheries to Amount Needed (WAC 220-330-020; 220-340-430; 220-340-510; 220-340-520)
Standardize Crab and Shrimp Pot Buoy Colors (WAC 220-330-020;220-340-430;220-340-520)
Define a New Management Category for Non-spot Shrimp Species (WAC 220-320-015)
Require Annual Registration of Commercial Crab Buoy Color Schemes (WAC 220-340-430)
Buoy Tags in Commercial Dungeness Crab Fisheries (WAC 220-340-430)
Puget Sound Commercial Pot Shrimp (WAC 220-340-520)
Puget Sound Commercial Crab and Shrimp Fishery Boundary Designations (WAC 220-320-120; 220-320-140; 220-340-455; 220-340-530)
Shellfish Harvest Logs (WAC 220-340-030)
Fish Receiving, Transportation Ticket, and Quick Reporting Revisions (WAC 220-352-060; 220-352-230; 220-352-340; 220-340-420)

Public comments

To view and submit comments, please visit the Coastal Crab and Puget Sound Shellfish public engagement page.

You may also leave comments by sending an email to or by leaving a voicemail message at 855-925-2801 and entering project code 2872.

Comments will be accepted until the close of the comment period on October 2, 2023.

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