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Coastal MRCs
Beach sunsetClallam County

Jefferson and Clallam Counties benefit from experience with the MRC model, and the existing Jefferson and Clallam County Northwest Straits MRCs have both expressed support for forming coastal-focused MRCs.  Currently, both counties are pursuing exploratory activities independent of, but in coordination with each other.  Jefferson and Clallam Counties initiated exploratory activities in late 2008 and early 2009, respectively, with western county residents and groups and continuing discussions with the North Pacific Coast Lead Entity (NPCLE). 

The NPCLE focus area covers western portions of both Jefferson and Clallam Counties and both counties are members of NPCLE.  Both those outside and within this group have deliberated about NPCLE acting as the MRC for both counties.  The benefits of this arrangement could include more fully utilizing the talents of the current NPCLE Coordinator and not forming a new group when an organizational structure already exists.  Concerns under consideration involve ensuring that citizens are the driving force within the new MRC, not overextending NPCLE members, and assuring appropriate technical expertise represented if the NPCLE expands its focus to include marine projects. 

Contact the exploratory MRC coordinator, Rich Osborne (Clallam County) or Tami Pokorny (Jefferson County), for more information.

Richard Osborne
Salmon Restoration Coordinator
North Pacific Coast Lead Entity (WRIA 20)
223 E. 4th Street #5
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Ph: (360) 417-2569
Fx: (360) 417-2443

Tami Pokorny
Jefferson County Water Quality and
Environmental Health
615 Sheridan Street
Port Townsend, WA  98368

Ph: (360) 379-4498
Fx: (360) 385-9401

Signed resolution establishing a Marine Resource Committee [PDF]