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Coastal MRC Program Work Group

An Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee
The Coastal MRC Work Group is an ad hoc advisory committee broadly representative of coastal interests.  Generally, participants in the work group include:

  • Coastal MRC Workgroup
    Coastal MRC Workgroup
    Citizens, Lead Entities, and coastal salmon recovery and water quality partnerships/councils.
  • Governmental representatives from the Makah, Quileute, Hoh Tribes, the Quinault Indian National, and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.  Federal representatives from the National Marine Sanctuaries Program.  State representatives from Washington Department of Natural Resources, Puget Sound Partnership, and Fish and Wildlife.  County representatives from Pacific, Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson Counties, as well as City, Port, and Conservation District representatives.
  • Environmental and conservation interests represented are Surfrider Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, and Friends of Grays Harbor.
  • Industry representatives from commercial and recreational fishing associations and private business.
  • University extension program representatives.

The Coastal MRC Work Group assembled four times (September 5, October 10, December 3, 2008 and January 7, 2009) to articulate interim Coastal MRC Program priorities and develop performance benchmarks to guide Coastal MRC activity and ensure coordination with other efforts and accountability to WDFW and ultimately the legislature.  Click here for a summary of each meeting. 

At their January 7, 2009 meeting members of the Coastal MRC Program Work Group adopted the benchmarks and priority statements as “interim”, anticipating the need to adjust and adapt the benchmarks and priority statements over time.  The programmatic benchmarks are not intended to restrict the ability of individual counties to carry out activities that may fall outside the existing benchmark as long as they address the overarching program goal.  The work group anticipates that each MRC will develop its own local priorities and objectives.   

The work group is endorsed and supported by WDFW and the Coastal MRC Program.  Having fulfilled their immediate charge, there are currently no further meetings scheduled for the Coastal MRC Work Group.  However, WDFW supports the formation of a formal advisory committee analogous to the Northwest Straits Commission