Leuciscus idus - Golden (Golden Orfe)

Animal Fish
Family: Cyprinidae
Classification: Prohibited

Golden Orfe

Ide and Orfe are exotic species common in Europe. The species get up to 24 inches, and weigh up to four pounds. They live in fresh and brackish water that is slow moving or still. The golden orfe are sometimes sold as decorative pond species. In some regions they have been found to carry an encysted form of a myxospridian, Thelohanellus oculileucisci. They feed primarily on insects in fresh water. In Brackish water they will feed on mussels, snails, and crustaceans, and possibly fish fry. They are a migratory fish, ascending small streams in the spring to spawn in stony or sandy areas where they lay as many as 100,000 eggs. If introduced they could out compete native species for food and habitat.