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Species Image Species Name  Common Name  Family  Classification 
Hyla immaculata   Hylidae Prohibited
Rana omeimontis   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana zhenhaiensis   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana emelijanovi   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana honnorati   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana huanrenensis   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana zhengi   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana demarchii   Ranidae Prohibited
Rana grafi   Ranidae Prohibited
Ambystoma rosaceum   Ambystomatidae Prohibited
Xenopus laevis    African Clawed frog Pipidae Prohibited
Rana dalmatina Agile frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana shqiperica Albanian Pool frog Ranidae Prohibited
Echinotriton andersoni Anderson's Salamander Salamandridae Prohibited
Hynobius lichenatus Aomori salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hyla annectans Assam Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Triturus vittatus ophryticus Banded newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Notophthalmus meridionalis Black Spotted newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Ambystoma laterale Blue-spotted salamander Ambystomatidae Prohibited
Triturus boscai Bosca's newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Hynobius boulengeri Boulenger's Oriental salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana catesbeiana   Bullfrog Ranidae Prohibited
Dicamptodon ensatus (Not: D. tenebrosus; D. copei) California Giant salamander Dicamptodontidae Prohibited
Ambystoma californiense California Tiger salamander Ambystomatidae Prohibited
Triturus montandoni Carpathian newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana asiatica Central Asiatic frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana chaochiaoensis Chaochiao brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana chevronta Chevron-spotted Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Andrias davidianus Chinese Giant salamander Cryptobranchidae Prohibited
Rana tenggerensis Chinese rock frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hynobius chinensis Chinese salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hyla chinensis Chinese Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Paramesotriton chinensis Chinese Warty newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Hynobius nebulosus Clouded salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Pelobates fuscus Common spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Hyla arborea Common Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Scaphiopus couchii Couchis Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Rana cretensis Cretan Water frog Ranidae Prohibited
Triturus dobrogicus Danube Crested newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana nigromaculata Dark-Spotted frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hynobius dunni Dunn's Oriental salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana dybowskii Dybovsky's frog Ranidae Prohibited
Salamandrella keyserlingii Dybowski's salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Siren intermedia intermedia Eastern Lesser siren Sirenidae Prohibited
Notophthalmus viridescens Eastern newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Pelobates syriacus Eastern spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Scaphiopus holbrookii Eastern spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Rana esculenta Edible frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hyla simplex Emerald Green Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Rana epeirotica Epirus water frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana aragonensis European Common frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana pirica Ezo Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana chensinensis Far Eastern frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana fukienensis Futsing Hsien frog Ranidae Prohibited
Chioglossa lusitanica Gold Striped salamander Salamandridae Prohibited
Batrachuperus gorganensis Gorgan salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana graeca Graecian frog Ranidae Prohibited
Triturus cristatus Great Crested newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Siren lacertina Greater siren Sirenidae Prohibited
Necturus beyeri Gulf Coast Waterdog Proteidae Prohibited
Hyla hallowellii Hallowell's Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis Hellbender Cryptobranchidae Prohibited
Paramesotriton hongkongensis Hong Kong Warty newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana hubeiensis Hubei frog Ranidae Prohibited
Scaphiopus hurterii Hurter's Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Spea hurterii (Scaphiopus hurteri above) Hurter's Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Hynobius kimurae Hynobiidae Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana iberica Iberian frog Ranidae Prohibited
Dicamptodon aterrimus Idaho giant salamander Dicamptodontidae Prohibited
Rana macrocnemis Iranian Long-Legged frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana latastei Italian Agile frog Ranidae Prohibited
Triturus carnifex Italian Crested newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana bergeri Italian green frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana hispanica Italian Hybrid frog Ranidae Prohibited
Triturus italicus Italian newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana italica Italian Stream frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana japonica Japanese brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Onychodactylus japonicus Japanese Clawed salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hyla japonica Japanese Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Hyla ussuriensis Japanese Tree toad Hylidae Prohibited
Rana cerigensis Karpathos Water frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana lateralis Kokarit frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana chosenica Korean Golden frog Ranidae Prohibited
Neurergus microspilotus Kurdistan newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Neurergus crocatus Lake Urmia newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana bedriagae Levant Water frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana plancyi Lined leopard frog Ranidae Prohibited
Onychodactylus fischeri Long-Tailed Clawed salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Neurergus kaiseri Luristan newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Triturus marmoratus marmoratus Marbeled newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Ambystoma opacum Marbled salamander Ambystomatidae Prohibited
Rana ridibunda Marsh frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hyla meridionalis Mediterranean Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Spea multiplicata Mexican spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Rana ornativentris Montane Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana arvalis Moor frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hynobius retardatus Noboribetsu salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hynobius leechii Northeastern China Hynobiid salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Pseudobranchus striatus striatus Northern Dwarf siren Sirenidae Prohibited
Hynobius okiensis Oki salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Proteus anguinus Olm Proteidae Prohibited
Batrachuperus mustersi Paghman Mountain salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Triturus helveticus helveticus Palmate newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana perezi Perezs frog Ranidae Prohibited
Batrachuperus persicus Persia Mountain salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Spea bombifrons Plains spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Rana lessonae Pool frog Ranidae Prohibited
Euproctus asper Pyrenean Brook salamander Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana pyrenaica Pyrenean frog Ranidae Prohibited
Taricha rivularis Red-bellied newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana okinavana Ryukyu Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana saharica Sahara frog Ranidae Prohibited
Hyla sanchiangensis San Chiang Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Pachyhynobius shangchengensis Shangcheng Stout salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hyla tsinlingensis Shensi Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Pseudohynobius shuichengensis Shiucheng salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana altaica Siberian frog Ranidae Prohibited
Ranodon sibiricus Siberian salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana amurensis Siberian wood frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana shuchinae Sichuan frog Ranidae Prohibited
Taricha torosa Sierra newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Triturus vulgaris lantzi Smooth newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Triturus karelinii Southern Crested newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Salamandrina terdigitata Spectacled salamander Salamandridae Prohibited
Paramesotriton caudopunctatus Spot-Tailed Warty newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Pachytriton labiatus Spotless Paddle Tail newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Pachytriton brevipes Spotted Paddle Tail newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Neurergus strauchii strauchii Strauch's Spotted newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana sakuraii Stream Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Notophthalmus perstriatus Striped newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Hyla suweonensis Suweon Tree frog Hylidae Prohibited
Rana tagoi Tago frog Ranidae Prohibited
Batrachuperus taibaiensis Taibai Stream salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Paramesotriton deloustali Tam Dao Warty newt Salamandridae Prohibited
Rana terentievi Terentjev's frog Ranidae Prohibited
Amphiuma tridactylum Three-toed Amphiuma Amphiumidae Prohibited
Rana tientaiensis Tiantai frog Ranidae Prohibited
Ambystoma tigrinum (except: A. tigrinum mavortium; A. tigrinum melanostictum) Tiger salamander Ambystomatidae Prohibited
Rana porosa Tokyo Daruma pond frog Ranidae Prohibited
Silurana tropicalis Tropical Clawed frog Pipidae Prohibited
Pseudohynobius tsinpaensis Tsinpa salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Rana tsushimensis Tsushima Brown frog Ranidae Prohibited
Pelobates varaldii Varaldi's Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Batrachuperus pinchonii Western Chinese Mountain salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Pelobates cultripes Western Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Spea hammondii Western Spadefoot toad Pelobatidae Prohibited
Rana nigrolineata Wood frog Ranidae Prohibited
Rana rugosa Wrinkled frog Ranidae Prohibited
Liua shihi Wushan salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Pseudohynobius flavomaculatus Yellow-spotted salamander Hynobiidae Prohibited
Hyla zhaopingensis Zhaoping Treefrog Hylidae Prohibited