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Current SaSI Data and Documents
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Salmon Conservation Reporting Engine (SCoRE)
SCoRE provides up-to-date information on populations, and provide context for the efforts WDFW and its partners are taking in the arenas of habitat, hatcheries, and harvest to protect and conserve salmon and steelhead in Washington
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Features multi-layered maps containing information on fish stock distribution, juvenile fish monitoring, habitat characteristics and stream blockages that impede fish passage. The various map views allow users to see data by watershed, county boundary and user-defined areas. Data can be displayed against background images that include shaded relief and aerial photos.

Salmonid Stock Inventory (SaSI)

What is SaSI?

Washington's eleven species and subspecies of native salmonid fish constitute a biological resource of spectacular commercial and cultural importance. Unfortunately, this resource is under heavy pressure from human population growth and development. Urban and industrial land conversion, forestry and agricultural practices, water diversion, municipal water demands, overfishing, and hydropower development have contributed to the decline of several salmonid stocks. A large recovery effort at the local, state, and federal level is currently underway to prevent further declines and improve the condition of already imperiled stocks.

SaSI development began in 1992 as an effort by 20 western Washington native tribes and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's predecessor agencies, the Washington Department of Fisheries and the Washington Department of Game. At that time the inventory was called the Salmon and Steelhead Stock Inventory (SASSI). The SASSI documents produced in 1993-4 totaled some 2600 pages and described and categorized the status of 435 salmon and steelhead stocks.

In 1997 the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produced an additional volume on bull trout and Dolly Varden and, with this inclusion of salmonid fishes which were neither salmon nor steelhead, the inventory was renamed the Salmonid Stock Inventory (SaSI). The bull trout/Dolly Varden inventory was updated in 1998 and a coastal cutthroat trout stock inventory was completed in 2000.

The co-managers' original intent was to regularly update and revise SaSI. New data handling and reporting protocols finalized in 2008 mean that SaSI can now be updated by WDFW staff as new information about a given stock becomes available, rather than waiting several years for a comprehensive update.  These updates are then immediately available to the public and other scientists through the Salmon Conservation Reporting Engine (SCoRE) website.

Historic SaSI Documents

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