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Washington's Warmwater Fish Program

Washington State is home to over a dozen species of game fish categorized as “warmwater species”, from bass and walleye, to catfish and panfish, such as yellow perch and bluegill.  Although none of them are native to Washington, all of these fish offer very popular recreational opportunities, which represent millions of dollars annually in economic benefit across the state.  Warmwater fish are widespread and can be found in hundreds of lakes throughout Washington, so there is always an opportunity for fun near you.

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How-to videos
The when's, where and how-to's
- Spring tactics for bass fishing in Washington
- Fly fishing for smallmouth bass at Banks Lake
- Largemouth fishery at Sprague Lake
- Trolling for walleye in Eastern Washington
- Basic walleye fishing techniques for Shoreline anglers in Washington
Other warmwater species
- Yellow perch fishing in Washington
- Fly fishing for Tiger muskie in Washington
- Spring tactics for crappie fishing in Washington