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Public Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Online Comments on DEIS: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington

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Comments on Interactions with the Public (Chapter 7.B):

No comment.

Sean V Owen,  Seattle WA

I strongly oppose any plans to introduce wolves anywhere in Washington. Yes, I know they are already here. They will spread on on their own and will do great damage to wildlife eventually, and this should not be aided by the department.

Gregory R Field,  Seattle WA

Manipulated information that is misleading, a sales pitch for wolves.

dale denney,  colville WA

Thye are natrually scared of humans and will not be visable

Diane Sonntag,  Tenino WA

People and especially small childeren will be an easy quick meal for a wolf pack that is hungry and lost its fear of humans. Bells on our shoes and pepper spray will be of little effect to Wolf pack.

Wayne Vinyard,  Glenwood WA



If the moneys are there to properly keep the wolves in proper hand without threat this would be ok. But money needs to be collected by the groups that want wolves in are back yard.

Tom Freeman,  Tonasket WA

Positive interaction is possible and likely I and my family would be proud to know that a symbol of the wild west lives in my state.

Ryan Alexander Sparks,  Pullman WA

The public has little or nothing to fear from wolves, other than decreased hunting opportunities, larger state government, higher taxes, lower revenues, and a reduction in our/my hunting hertiage.


Wolves will NOT interact with "the public" if they are given enough space and grace to avoid humans. They do NOT prefer to interact with the human species.

Janet Waite,  Lynnwood WA

Education is the key here.

Lois Neuman,  Vancouver WA


doug carney,  ellensburg WA

the public would love to have the chance of seeing wolves and wolf packs!


I only hope that these Non-Native Killing Machines feast on the ones that allow these Wolves to roam freely in Washington are the First Ones on their Dining List. But it will be some innocent that you are foring this on!

Larry Hill,  Brush Prairie WA

Show both sides of the story, not just how "great" wolves are. Show the public hamstrung elk, disembowled dogs, headless goats not just cute wolf pups that only kill the sick and dying. Tell the whole truth, not just the edited for public use version.

Darcy Mitchem,  Toutle Wa WA

Save my tav dollars.

Larry Zalaznik,  Walla Walla WA