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Public Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Online Comments on DEIS: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington

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Comments on Federal Land (Chapter 8.A):

Public lands should be managed for uses determined by the public and particluar permitted users of the lands do not dictate to the public how the public lands are managed.

Ray DePuydt,  Kettle Falls WA

Prefer alternative 3

Sean V Owen,  Seattle WA

Public lands permits for livestock should fall under the same rules as livestock run on private land.


I strongly oppose any plans to introduce wolves anywhere in Washington. Yes, I know they are already here. They will spread on on their own and will do great damage to wildlife eventually, and this should not be aided by the department.

Gregory R Field,  Seattle WA

National Parks such as Olympic, North Cascades and even Mount Rainier would benefit from the reintroduction of large predators such as the Gray Wolf. Any steps toward this by state agencies such as WDFW would help the NPS achieve this difficult and historically controversial goal.

Ronald Pearson,  Seattle WA

Federal lands should be managed to support healthy reproducing wolf populations.

Jennifer Molesworth,  Twisp WA

Federal lands are for people to. Wolf packs are unacceptable except in specific controlled areas.

Wayne Vinyard,  Glenwood WA

Not enough to substain the wolf packs

bruce oergel,  ellensburg WA



see earlier comments - translocation of wolves to the Olympics should be included in the preferred alternative.

Scott Nicolai,  Ellensburg WA

Managment should be instated in all lands.

Charles Oueis,  Spokane WA

Federal land is the property of all the public not just the ranchers who lease and degrade it through their activities.

Ryan Alexander Sparks,  Pullman WA

Do not release any more wolves into this state.

Kevin Wolf,  Lacey WA

Washington should manage all wolves in Wahington, state or federal land.

Jim Lamb,  Spokane WA


Lois Neuman,  Vancouver WA

Eliminate Wloves, Especially these Canadian Non-native Wolves.

Larry Hill,  Brush Prairie WA

No wolf program from the State.

Larry Zalaznik,  Walla Walla WA