For more information on the Wildlife Rehabilitators Program, please contact WDFW Wildlife Rehabilitation staff.


DO NOT use this email address to report sick or injured wildlife. For sick or injured wildlife please contact a local wildlife rehabilitator



Please note: Most rehabilitators are unable to provide services to pick up wildlife. They rely on you to get the animals to them. Wildlife rehabilitators, including veterinarians, are volunteers and by law may not be paid for their work except by donation. They are not on call 24 hours/day and many of them have their facilities at their home. Please respect their time, compassion, and personal expense put into every animal they care for and please consider donating to these caregivers.

Wildlife Rehabilitators are limited by their state and federal permits as to how many and what species of animals they may admit to their facility.

Found Injured Wildlife?

Contact a local Wildlife Rehabilitator

Or call a WDFW Regional Office

Wildlife Rehabilitators in Clark County

Jackie Marsden - Squirrel Refuge
Vancouver, WA 98668
Notes: Small mammals only