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Riparian Ecosystems, Volume 2: Management Recommendations

Public Comments

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is accepting written comments on Riparian Ecosystems, Volume 2: Management Recommendations.

This volume is a manual for local governments and other stakeholders who want to use the best available science in policies, plans, and regulations designed to conserve riparian ecosystems and surrounding watersheds for the protection of fish and wildlife, particularly salmon species.

The science in this document is based on Riparian Ecosystems, Volume 1: Science Synthesis and Management Implications. We are not seeking review of Volume 1; it is provided so reviewers of Volume 2 may better understand the underpinnings of our recommendations.

The department aims to provide a transparent forum for the public to comment on these management recommendations to improve the overall effectiveness of this resource. The department will consider environmental values along with economic and technical considerations. 

The public comment period ends Friday, August 17, 2018.