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Marine Toxic Contaminants

Sampling Locations

English Sole Sampling Locations

Baseline Stations
Baseline stations are classified as "urban", "near-urban" or "non-urban", based on their proximity to urban centers or industrialized areas. Because of the complex, unmeasurable factors associated with describing the contaminant-condition of sediments, we use this subjective classification scheme. The urban locations represent some of the largest cites along the Puget Sound shoreline. The non-urban areas are situated far from these cites, greater than 10 km and often separated by deep basins. Near-urban locations are between urban and non-urban.

Where possible, monitoring stations were located near sediment quality stations (sampled by the Department of Ecology) to facilitate correlation of sediment chemistry with muscle tissue chemistry.

Focus Stations
Focus studies have been carried out in Elliott Bay, Commencement Bay and Sinclair Inlet to further characterize the areal extent of contamination and associated biological effects in English sole. Focus stations were distributed so as to expand the spatial coverage around the baseline station of interest. Click the preceding station names for detailed maps of the Focus Study sites.

Historic Stations
Historic stations are those at which PSAMP has discontinued sampling.

Sinclair Inlet Sinclair Inlet Elliott Bay Elliott Bay Commencement Bay Commencement Bay