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Lead Scientist: Cliff Rice

Ecoregions: Northwest Coast, North Cascades, West Cascades, East Cascades, Okanogan

Ecological Systems: North Pacific Maritime Mesic Subalpine Parkland, North Pacific Montane Massive Bedrock Cliff and Talus, Northern Rocky Mountain Subalpine Woodland and Parkland, North Pacific Alpine and Subalpine Bedrock and Scree


Genetic populations of mountain goats in Washington (courtesy of Andrew Shirk).


Mountain Goat Ecology


Project Description

Using genetic samples from mountain goats captured during this project and from mountain goat hunters who submitted samples, Andrew Shirk (a graduate student at Western Washington University, under the direction of David Wallin) is looking into genetic characteristics of mountain goats in Washington. Andrew’s project will examine geographic features which inhibit or block dispersal by mountain goats, whether there is concern for the genetic health about isolated populations, and the success of mountain goat translocations. All of these issues will contribute to our ability to maintain healthy mountain goat populations in Washington.